Devanesa animation

A semi-condensed, neo-grotesk typeface family
based on the school of a small village in Soria, Spain.

Ermita del Castillejo.

Los Batanes.

El Cajo.

El Alto.

Las Eras.

Escuelas Nacionales.


Font tester

First knowledge of the village dates from the Prehistoric era.

'Dévanos' comes from two latin words: "Deus" (Dei) and "Pan" (Panos).

The negative on the right dates from 1911-1917, taken by Juan Cabré Aguiló (1882-1947). It depicts the old castle, from which now we can only see one of it's walls, since it was torn down to build houses.




Several prehistoric items such as stone engravings were found between 1925 and 1926.

The so-called "Devanense art" mostly consist of stone engravings in small rocks. Some were found in small caves or in small recesses in the hills.

The image has several examples of those.

In 1714, Isabel de Farnesio, went by Dévanos and was invited by the Counts of Villarrea to its Palace.

The Palace of Villarrea, an old building (unfortunately now almost in ruins and poorly maintained) sits at the entrance of the village.

In December of 1808, the Napoleon French troops occupied the village.

They camped in a field called "Las Eras" and destroyed the Saint Sebastian's hermitage. They also burned down a sculpture of the Saint.
The oil painting "Batalla de Tudela" by January Suchodolski (1827) depicts accurately how the French troops invaded the region.

This project contains:


* A type family with 5 weights in .ttf and .otf format.
* A Variable Font file.
* A physical type specimen (A5) printed on Risograph.

Please click here to be redirected to Gumroad, where you can download the typeface free of charge.

Dévanos is a small village located in Soria, Spain. It consists of about 59 residents, with most of them being more than 80 years old. With the population decreasing year after year, the village's faith is its disapearing.

This project aims to recover the identity that the village has lost over the years, by designing a type family that resembles the old fascia of the village's only school.

Devanesa is an ongoing project so it will be always evolving and, hopefully, improving.

This is the End-Of-Degree project of Jorge Gutiérrez Marco, a Multimedia and Graphic Designer from Madrid, Spain. If you have any question, advice or if you just want to have a chat, please use the following form and I'll get back to you swiftly! Alternatively, feel free to shoot me a Tweet at @jorrge_xyz


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